Multiple sclerosis

MS is an inflammatory-mediated demyelinating disease of the human central nervous system (CNS). The disease develops in young adults with a predisposing genetic trait and most likely involves an environmental insult such as a viral infection to trigger the disease. The activation of CD4+ autoreactive T cells and their differentiation into myeline-reactive T-cells (MRTC) are crucial initial steps in the progression of this disease. Tregs are upregulated following nasal administration of foralumab to dampen cytotoxic immune responses (immunomodulation) of myelin-reactive T-Cells.

Tiziana’s intends to administer Foralumab intranasally using a hand-held dosing device. Foralumab binds to cells of the mucosal immune system lining the nasal tract, inducing regulatory T cells supporting immunomodulation of CNS inflammation and restoration of self-tolerance.

Ms myelin sheath damage