Our focus

Tiziana’s therapeutic focus is on the treatment of inflammatory, autoimmune diseases and oncology , especially solid tumors. Liver disease presents a unique opportunity for application of Tiziana’s pipeline products since orally-administered Foralumab can be used to treat inflammation and immune activation associated with progression from NAFL to NASH. Milciclib can be used as monotherapy or in combination with standard of care therapies to treat liver disease as it advances from NASH to cirrhosis and ultimately hepatocellular carcinoma.

Additionally, oral Foralumab dosing can also be used to treat Crohn’s disease and Type 1 diabetes while nasally-administered Foralumab can be used for treatment of progressive multiple sclerosis, arthritis, lupus and other autoimmune disease indications. Milciclib has the potential to treat other aggressive solid tumors such as thymic carcinoma and breast cancer. Anti IL-6r monoclonal antibody can be used alone or in combination with Foralumab to reduce levels of inflammatory IL-6 cytokine in the systemic circulation.