• StemPrintER is a multi-gene signature assay intended for use as a diagnostic screen in patients with estrogen-receptor positive ER+/HER2 negative breast cancers.
  • We envision this in-vitro prognostic test to be used in conjunction with clinical evaluation to identify those patients at increased risk for early and/or late metastasis. StemPrintER is designed to help physicians distinguish ER+/HER2 negative patients:
  • Our diagnostic has a novel biological basis to detect cancer stem cell markers.  The assay uses a reliable qRT-PCR, FFPE platform for testing.
  • StemPrintER has been evaluated in an initial retrospective validation study using a consecutive cohort of approximately 2400 patients with breast cancer.
  • We are preparing to launch a retrospective validation study using an independent cohort to continue further development of StemPrintER.